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We manually outreach and build high-quality and topically relevant links that help rank your most important content higher in Google.

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Can you relate to any of the following?

  • “We need more links to rank our content higher and beat the competition.”
  • “We’ve started doing basic outreach in-house but it’s taking us too much time to see any results. We seem to lack the experience to write emails that can generate responses from the sites we want links from.”
  • “We’ve optimized our content and improved keyword targeting already but our rankings don’t budge. We need more links to get to the top of Google but we have no time or experience to build them.

If so, you’re in the right place.

We’ve been helping amazing and growth hungry SaaS and Tech brands 10X their outreach and get more links. Our campaigns have helped clients rank their critical content higher in Google, attract more relevant visitors, get more signups, demo requests, sales inquiries and more.

We’d love to do the same for you too.

Our clients benefit from having backlinks from sites like these...

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...and here's what we hear often about our work...

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How We Help

Done-for-you Link Building Services

We plan and execute outreach and link building campaigns to rank your most important content higher in Google.

  • Custom-tailored campaigns. Every company’s needs are different. That’s why we always build a custom strategy for each client to ensure we reach their goals and drive the highest ROI possible.
  • 100% transparency. We work as part of your team and send you weekly activity reports and monthly campaign performance analysis. You can also track our progress in real-time through a shared Kanban board (and we’re happy to have regular check-in calls too.)
  • Complete support. We don’t just outreach on your behalf and leave the rest up to you. We manage the entire process until each link is live.

What You Get

  • Full backlink profile audit
  • Audit of any content you want to build links to
  • Link prospecting
  • Complete outreach management
  • 5-10 links per month, depending on the campaign size
  • All links matching DR and DA your campaign requires
  • Access to a client portal to monitor our progress in a real-time
  • Weekly activity reports and monthly campaign analysis reports

What makes Smashing Rankings different?

A handshake icon communicating how our SEO agency is ideal for SaaS marketing teams.

Ideal for SaaS in-house teams

We’ve cut our teeth working side-by-side SaaS marketing teams and have processes that make achieving incredible results a breeze for you.

Extensive SaaS Industry Relationships

We’ve been working with SaaS brands since 2014 exclusively. As a result, we have a deep understanding of the industry plus hundreds of existing relationships with SaaS brands and blogs that we leverage in your campaign.

Background in Sales

Our background in sales and cold emailing means that we know how to write outreach email sequences that get response, simply. (In fact, our founder has written a book for SMBs wishing to get started with cold emailing.)

Focus on Meaningful Connections

We do not blast hundreds of outreach emails at once and hope for the best. Instead, we choose link prospects carefully and send personalized pitches, tailored to the person we contact, to ensure 10X success rate.

Bullseye image representing the great fit we are for our SEO SaaS clients.

Links to Money Content

We specialize in building links to the most valuable content you’ve created to drive industry visibility, signups, leads, and revenue.

Chart image suggesting the returns a SaaS company gets from using our SEO services.

100% Confidentiality

We work in the shadows. None of the link prospects we contact on your behalf will ever know that you’ve worked with an agency.

Can we work together?

We hope so. But we also know that our link building services are not a good fit for everyone.

Depending on your goals or expectations, we might not be the partner you seek. Or the way we work might not match what you’re looking for in an agency either.

So, below we’ve listed information to help you assess whether we’re the right link building agency for your needs.

We might be a good fit if:

  • You have existing high-value content to promote and clear goals to reach,
  • You have an in-house person responsible for marketing. It could be the owner or another non-marketing person; we don’t mind, as long as there is a single, dedicated contact inside your team who will take the ownership of the project on your end.
  • You are ready to invest in link building over several months to achieve the long-term, sustainable growth.
  • You have a minimum budget of €2500/month (approx. $2700) for the campaign.

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Pawel Grabowski – Founder and Lead SEO Strategist