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Pawel Grabowski
Founder and Lead SEO Strategist

Why Us – The Smashing Rankings Difference


Our purpose is to solve your SEO-related problems. Be it identifying and fixing individual issues with the site to implementing your entire SEO strategy.


We identify the biggest wins and improve your search visibility gradually by testing, learning, and iterating along the way. By working this way, we deliver results quick and accrue less cost for you.


We’ve spent over 5 years working in the SaaS industry exclusively. As a result, we understand the SaaS buyers mindset perfectly and are comfortable with engaging them in the SERPs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because SaaS is what we know best. We come from the software background. We also have a high degree of specialised knowledge in the SaaS market. Because of that, we can deliver the highest value to companies in this industry.

When you work in a single market, it’s only natural to eventually be approached by competing companies. And we’re often asked how we manage such situations.

It’s simple; we accept no more than two companies targeting similar audience with identical or very similar products.

However, we will also give the first one that hired us the right to buy exclusivity. By paying a higher rate, they can lock us from working with competitors for the duration of our engagement.

Sure you can. However, we don’t book clients on the sole promise. We will book you into our schedule only upon a receipt payment or a deposit, depending on the project size.
We’re in Drogheda, a beautiful town in the North East of Ireland. However, we work with clients from all over the globe.