Here’s how working with Smashing Rankings looks like (and how to get started.)

We run link building campaigns to help growth-hungry SaaS marketing teams rank their critical content higher in Google and attract more visitors, signups, and leads.

Typically, our clients are marketers from SaaS or Tech brands selling to the SMB market, with an ACV up to $50k, but we’ve worked in other industries as well – IT/MSP, retail technology to enterprise software and more.

When working with clients, we become an integral part of your marketing or growth team, bringing our deep SEO and link building expertise to the table to help you 10X rankings, organic traffic, and leads.

How We Help You, Specifically

Custom-tailored Strategy

Each campaign is different, and we begin every engagement by delivering comprehensive strategy to push your content higher in rankings.

We’ll show you what we believe are the biggest opportunities to reaching your goals and how we plan to build links to avail of them during the campaign.

Once we’re both happy with it, we begin the work while you can start enjoying the benefits of having top-Google rankings.

A quick note about link quality

We get asked this a lot; and we always make it clear – We DO NOT build links from link farms, PBN networks, spun content or any other shady strategies.

All our links are 100% legit and come from genuine (and often, highly respected) sites in your industry.

In fact, we ruthlessly evaluate each link opportunity for:

  • Topical relevance with your target market, product and content.
  • Authority of the linking site.
  • Their audience.
  • Various backlink metrics to establish the site’s potential to boost your authority.

Unless the opportunity meets ALL our quality criteria, we discount it immediately.

Personalized Pitches

We come from the sales background. We understand the value of a personal, one-to-one connection in getting someone to say “yes.”

That’s why, you’ll never see us blasting hundreds of bland and automated outreach emails and then, hoping for the best.

Instead, we choose link prospects carefully, research those sites and the people behind them, and then, engage each of them with personalized pitches, tailored to the person we contact specifically, to ensure 10X success rate.

What’s more, we pitch on your behalf and act as a part of your team. None of the link prospects we contact will ever know that you’ve worked with an agency.

100% Transparency

We also understand how intimidating it is to hand over the control of such a valuable strategy as link building to a third-party. That’s why, we ensure that you never have to wonder about what’s going on with your campaign or how we’re spending the time you’re paying us for.

When working with us, you get weekly activity reports detailing what we’ve done for your campaign in the last five days. At the end of the month you also get campaign performance analysis outlining how we’ve moved the needles on the key campaign metrics.

Finally, you can also monitor our progress in real-time with a shared Kanban board (and we’re super happy to have regular check-in calls too, if needed.)

Our Values

Bullseye image representing the great fit we are for our SEO SaaS clients.

Results First

You don’t want your agency to just “hit up” few sites or “buzz” others about your content.

You want results.

You want to push the most critical pages to your growth higher in rankings, get them in front of highly-targeted audience, and drive droves of those people to your site.

We understand that our work is a part of something far bigger than SEO – your growth strategy. That’s why we align our strategies to your business goals to ensure the highest ROI possible.

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Regular Communication

We understand how critical transparent and regular communication is to a successful client-vendor cooperation and we ensure that you never have to wonder about what’s going on with your campaign.

When working with us, you get weekly activity reports, monthly campaign performance analysis, and you can even monitor our progress in real-time with a shared Kanban board.

(Not to mention that we’re super happy to have regular check-in calls too, if needed.)

Chart image suggesting the returns a SaaS company gets from using our SEO services.

The Agile Approach

We focus on maximizing your investment.

We identify and target the biggest wins first and improve your search visibility gradually by testing, learning, and iterating along the way. By working this way, we deliver results quicker and accrue less cost for you.

Are we a good fit?

Smashing Rankings is ideal for SaaS and Tech companies that:

  • Have existing high-value content to promote,
  • Have a dedicated person to take ownership of the project on their end,
  • See link building as a long-term strategy,
  • Have a minimum budget of €2500/month (approx. $2700) for the campaign.

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Pawel Grabowski – Founder and Lead SEO Strategist