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Pawel Grabowski is an Irish-based SEO consultant and copywriter working with B2B SaaS brands exclusively.

Pawel started working in SaaS first as a freelance copywriter, helping clients achieve higher growth with content marketing, copywriting and SEO. His company grew into a boutique SEO consulting firm for SaaS brands, eventually.

Before launching Smashing Copy full-time, Pawel ran a software company and worked as an in-house SEO.

Pawel’s passion is helping B2B SaaS marketers drive more signups and revenue by increasing their rankings and search engine traffic.

What can pawel help you with?
  • Identifying the biggest opportunities to increase website traffic to meet revenue goals,
  • Finding new relevant and highly-profitable keywords,
  • Planning or improving site architecture to maximize the site’s SEO performance,
  • Understanding the market and the search landscape to identify where to focus marketing efforts,
  • Topical analysis,
  • Site audits and fixing major technical SEO issues,
  • Improving on-page SEO to boost specific pages’ rankings and traffic
  • White hat link building services
  • SEO copywriting and content writing and much more.
Pawel Grabowski SEO Consultant at Smashing Rankings
My Story

More information about me, my background and where I learned about SEO and copywriting.

  • I graduated with a Master’s in Marketing from the National College of Ireland. I wrote my dissertation on SaaS marketing. In it, I examined how the country of origin effect affects the marketing effectiveness of SaaS companies.
  • From 2004 to 2010, with a friend of mine, I ran a software development company called Think Two. My responsibilities included managing the business, as well as marketing and selling our services. On top of that, I also developed on the entire front-end code for our products and any custom software we built for clients. And although I wasn’t involved in developing the back-end, by working in such a small team, I picked up a lot about it too.
  • I started working in SEO and writing copy in 2009, first as a hobby, then as a way to market the software company.
  • After we closed Think Two, I moved on to working in SEO full-time.
  • For nearly 5 years, I worked as the sole in-house SEO specialist for Staycity Apartments, one of the largest self-catering hotel chains in Europe. I was the company’s first SEO hire, and I set up the company’s search engine optimization from scratch to generate a seven-figure annual revenue from the channel.
  • During my time at Staycity, I continued working with clients on a side, writing copy, mostly, and launched Smashing Copy as a side hustle.
  • In 2014, I left Staycity to focus on Smashing Copy full-time.
  • Since then, as a copywriter and SEO consultant, I’ve helped over 40 companies, from established brands like Hubspot, Close.io or SEMrush to startups (although many of them have become renowned brands since then, like Drift.)
What I Do Outside of Work

When I’m not working, I dedicate time to my family, hiking in the Irish mountains (I live close to the wonderful Cooley Mountains) and my greatest passion – music. I’m an avid record collector and I still own the very first record I ever bought (at the age of eight.)